UnLocked Countdown: The Year’s Most-Read Identity Theft Posts

UnLocked Countdown: The Year’s Most-Read Identity Theft Posts

Lost wallet protection is one of those unsung benefits of LifeLock’s identity theft protection services. We were reminded of that in reviewing our most-read identity theft posts on LifeLock UnLocked this year. My colleague, Sonal Khanna, shared her personal story of a Saturday gone bad, and that apparently resonated with many of you. What I found particularly rewarding was the lost-wallet help Sonal received from our member services team. You’ll find Sonal’s account here.

At number nine this year was a February post about those notorious payment card skimmers, still posing a threat at gas station pumps (and other locations) across the country. Criminals place skimmers on pumps to capture the payment card data of unknowing victims. Gas pumps are prime targets for skimming devices because they’re not yet required to have the safer chip-card systems installed. Our post included some tips to help protect you when you’re using a payment card to purchase gasoline.

Income tax fraud was also a popular topic among our readers. In fact, posts on tax fraud were the eighth-, seventh-, and sixth-most popular on UnLocked. The article at the number-eight spot was most interesting to me because it included a voicemail message from an income tax scammer, trying to trick the recipient into calling back.

At number seven—some tax season information that’s just as valuable now as it was early in the year. The dos and don’ts here may be just the thing you need to read as you start gathering your tax data.

At number six was a post reminding readers that even if they don’t expect a tax refund, someone can still use a stolen Social Security number and fictitious income information to obtain a refund—in the victim’s name.

We’ll wrap up the year later this week with a final post highlighting our five most-read articles of the year. Stay tuned!

Posted by Cory Warren, editor

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