“No, This Was Not Me!” – Meet Alert Specialist Kim B.

“No, This Was Not Me!” – Meet Alert Specialist Kim B.

Your cell phone just buzzed. It’s an email from LifeLock. Someone’s trying to take out a loan in your name at Big Bank. You didn’t apply for a loan at Big Bank. You use a credit union. So you hit the “No, This Was Not Me!” button.

That email you get is on a direct path to someone like Kim B., an Alert Specialist at LifeLock. It’s her job to figure out whether the loan applicant was you, and if necessary, to work with you and the merchant to straighten things out.

And it’s a job Kim takes very seriously.

Treating members like family.
“I treat every member how I would want to be treated, or how I’d want my family treated,” says Kim. “If I received an alert and there was something wrong, I would want that taken care of right away and in a professional manner.”

Kim has been with LifeLock for almost three years, and has been a member of the Alerts Team for two and half. On a typical day, she handles 20-30 disputed alerts for our members, which means she’s handled roughly…well, let’s just say a lot of alerts.

“Members don’t know the process of taking care of these types of applications,” she explains. “And they’re looking for someone to take the reins, walk them through it, and help them make it go away.”

Helping our members achieve resolution.
When an alert is disputed, Kim reaches out to the member and probes for additional information. If the member still doesn’t recognize the application, Kim conducts a mediation call.

“This is my favorite aspect of the job,” she says, “mediation calls, or assisting the member in talking with the merchant, really shows the value of our product. I get to help the member get resolution for any fraudulent applications or account openings. And members really appreciate that personal interaction and being able to see LifeLock at work for them.”


Going above and beyond for our members.
One of Kim’s favorite moments at LifeLock happened just recently.

“I contacted a member that had multiple alerts and advised him that it would probably take several hours on the phone to resolve. He was unhappy. He wanted to know why LifeLock couldn’t do that without him. So I explained that for the security of his accounts, some merchants won’t speak just with a third party. As we began to do the calls, he started to relax. Near the end of the conversation, his business partner walked in the door, and he told her, ‘I have my personal LifeLock specialists on the line. And she’s helped me. Maybe she can help you too!’ Turned out his partner, also a LifeLock member, had received several alerts as well. So she came on the line, and I addressed her alerts too. I love being able to go above and beyond to meet the needs of our members.”

So the next time you get an alert you don’t recognize, go ahead and tell us it wasn’t you. Kim has handled approximately 15,000 alerts during her time at LifeLock (yep, I did the math). She’ll know exactly what to do!

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