The Zuckerberg Hack. If He Isn’t Safe…

The Zuckerberg Hack. If He Isn’t Safe…

Remember that LinkedIn breach we mentioned last month? Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was reminded of it this weekend. That’s when a hacking group reportedly broke into his Twitter and Pinterest accounts.

Call it, “the Zuckerberg hack.”

Apparently, the information used to take over two of Zuckerberg’s social accounts originated in LinkedIn’s 2012 breach. A recent release of credentials from that breach included the mail and encrypted password combinations of more than 100 million LinkedIn members.

The password in question: “dadada”

Here’s the ah-ha from this news. Like too many of us, Zuckerberg used the same password across multiple accounts. The hackers, OurMine Team, say that password was “dadada”.

If you had a LinkedIn account in 2012, and you haven’t updated your password yet, get cracking. And if you used the same password on other accounts, change those, too. In fact, experts say you should never use the same login credentials on more than one account. I think we see why, huh?

One breach—even one four years ago—can still come back to haunt you, as it did the billionaire Facebook founder, chairman and CEO. Think about if he’d used the same credentials for a bank account.

Some simple tips for stronger passwords

When you develop your new passwords, think long and strong—using upper- and lower-case letters, special characters and numbers. And make sure the resulting passwords aren’t words found in the dictionary.

Also, if any of your accounts offer two-factor authentication—2FA—take advantage of it.

What’s 2FA? Well, you still need your login credentials, but also something more. Some sites will send you a text message to enter before you’re given access. If you have 2FA turned on, even if someone gets hold of your username and password, they’d still need your phone to access the text.

Check out your social media and other accounts to see if 2FA is available and how it works for each.

The internet is a great place, but you need to try to stay safe. I mean, if the founder of Facebook can get hacked, well, just about anyone’s fair game.

Image: Facebook

Posted by Cory Warren, editor

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